Can’t Install AVG Antivirus

Here are the steps to fix the “Can’t Install AVG Antivirus” error:

  • Get rid of any previously installed antivirus software. Any pre-existing antivirus on your computer may conflict with your AVG, cause the latter to malfunction, and create problems during installation.
  • Delete temporary scripts that might conflict with the installation manually or using third-party software.
  • Install the AVG software as an administrator. Running the installer program as an administrator grants it the necessary Terms and Conditions to execute the installation successfully.
  • Ensure you install AVG from the correct website, which in this case is the official AVG website.
    Third-party source and other websites might also have older or corrupted replicants which do not successfully install or even install in the first place.
  • Verify your device’s capability to run the AVG and meet the system requirements of AVG for the version you are using. If not, update to the proper 10 requirements.
  • Also, ensure the installer you are using is compatible with your device architecture, be it 64 or 32 bit. If the following measures do not work, visit their site for more information or leave a request.