Uninstall and Reinstall AVG Antivirus

To uninstall AVG Antivirus, you need to:

Uninstall via the Start Menu.

  • Right-click the Windows Start icon, then click Apps and Features, and then Ensure Apps is selected, then click the three dots next to AVG Antivirus FREE and then click Uninstall twice.

Use the AVG Uninstall Tool.

  • Download the AVG Uninstall Tool, then run it as administrator, click and then click on AVG Antivirus FREE, then Uninstall again, and finally, to complete the process, you need to restart your computer.

Manually remove AVG.

  • After you uninstall the program, the AVG folder in the Program Files directory and recycle bin should be deleted.

Reinstall your AVG antivirus.

  • Download the installation file. Visit the AVG download page and reinstall the version you want to use. Reinstall and download the installation file, then save it to your computer.

Run the installation Wizard.

  • Double-click Installer file. Follow the guidance of the installation wizard, and after you have accepted all the terms and condition and select the installation location Reinstall AVG Antivirus .

Restart your computer.

  • To motivate you to reboot your computer, follow the same wizard to finish the re-installation.

After a new installation, you can uninstall AVG Antivirus from your computer by following up these techniques, and you can have a fresh copy.